zondag 12 juni 2022

Photo comparison DJI Mini 3 Pro on 12 MP and 48 MP

The new DJI Mini 3 Pro has the possibility to make photos in 12 MP and in 48 MP.
Some YouTube reviewers think that 48 MP is more or less a marketing gimmick. 
Some say that it is actual a 12 MP sensor and that there is hardly an improvement in photo quality with 48 MP.

As a professional aerial photographer, I disagree with the reviewers. If you make two photos, one in 12 MP and one in 48 MP the difference in quality is really stunning. 
It is true of course that you don't always need the extra quality of the 48 MP photo. But if you need the extra quality for large prints or partly enlargements it is fantastic that the Mini 3 Pro delivers.

The first series of photos is made from an altitude of 240 feet of the village of De Woude in the Netherlands. The enlargements are very small parts of the overall aerial photo.
Left you see the 48 MP enlargement, right the 12 MP enlargement.

I find the difference really stunning

Left 48 MP, right 12 MP

Mini 3 Pro 48 MP

Mini 3 Pro 12 MP

Detail left lower half
Left 48 MP right 12 MP

Detail lower right corner
Left 48 MP right 12 MP

Detail mid left
Left 48 MP right 12 MP

Detail mid left
Left 48 MP right 12 MP

Het Kombof 45 MP

Left 12 MP, right 48 MP